Energy Supply Systems


BAMBU TECHNOLOGY commercializes Becker energy supply systems on demand for all types of industrial robots. For this, we have a team of experts prepared to provide service.

It has a ROBOROC-based system that picks up the package to prevent it from snagging, with rolling-motion supports that relieve cable and tube fatigue. The special cables made of Teflon are extremely resistant to bending and torsion, and the air and water tubes in polyurethane material have a high resistance to abrasion and cuts. Metal supports are also available for all axes and all types of robots on the market.

Why choose us?

Becker Robotic Equipment is a global supplier with more than 25 years of experience in the automotive industry of dress packs for robots on production lines. Our areas of work include product development, manufacturing, project support, and product installation and optimization at our customers’ production sites.

We develop dress packs for all robot manufacturers. These systems are designed for all industrial applications and robot tools and are continuously adapted to our customers’ requirements

Paquetes energéticos becker

Complete solutions for every application

Durability and quality are the hallmarks of our dress packs systems, which we can supply for a wide variety of applications.

Energy Supply Systems

Different diameters:

Depending on the application, the corrugated tube of our dress packs can be of different diameters (29, 36, 48, 70 or 90).

Diferentes diámetros paquetes energéticos

Different positions:

The interconnection plate can be placed in different positions on the robot:

Different guidance on robot base:


Depending on the needs in each case we have 2 types of external guides at the base of the robot:

Different systems:

Depending on the application, we can mount up to a triple energy package in the same robot:

Extra-Flexible Cables

Power and signal wiring with good behavior in bending and torsion work, prepared to withstand millions of cycles without breakage problems. It is made up of an outer polyurethane sheath resistant to abrasion and outer cut, specially designed for robot arm and cable chain. Immune to splashes from welding projections, oils, solvents, coolants, etc. Cables bambu

Corrugated Tubes

BECKER corrugated tube, made of HYTREL with elastomeric elements that allow maximum absorption against knocks and scratches. It is also resistant to UV rays and high temperatures. The BECKER corrugated pipe is designed for robotic applications which have a high level of demand. They can be found in different sizes.



Pu Tubes

Polyurethane tubes with high resistance to abrasion and cuts. More specifically, it is resistant to welding projections. It does not deteriorate or crack over time, nor does it leave residues or dirty the cooling circuit. It also has very good resistance to paint, oils and acids.

Meets zero silicone requirements.


Why choose us?

We are the ideal partner in whom to entrust your project

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We seek excellence and for this reason we only work with the best prepared manufacturers in the market that guarantee us an optimal result under any circumstance


We have been working in the sector for more than 20 years. Most car manufacturers and engineers companies have entrusted us with the execution of their projects.


An extensive network of technicians and agents visit and personally attend our customers offering the peace of mind and guarantee they need.

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