Robot Protection Covers

At BAMBU TECHNOLOGY we offer tailor-made protection covers for all types of industrial robots, offering a wide range of possibilities that adapt to the different needs that currently exist in the market. From cheaper designs for applications that require simpler solutions, to more technical and sophisticated designs to provide a total solution.

Our wide variety of special materials adapted to each need guarantees us to be able to cover all kinds of applications where it is necessary to protect the robot from the environment where it is working.

Customized and tailor-made designs ensure maximum efficiency without limiting the movement of the robot axes. In addition, they favor the good behavior of the cover while it works, thus extending the useful life of the cover.

Protecting the robot against external agents leads to improvements in the mean time between each failure and reduces the mean time between repairs, in addition to guaranteeing greater durability of the robot’s life.

BAMBU covers for the protection of robots:

  • Possibility of manufacturing with heat-sealed seams.
  • Adaptation to explosive environments (Atex).
  • Pressurization of the interior of the cover if necessary.
  • We manufacture special supports to prevent the cover from being damaged by the movements of the robot.
  • Possibility of repairing used covers for the range of repairable materials.

Covers for all existing robot brands: industrial robots and collaborative robots.



Types of solutions

Complete cover from base to axis 6 

Complete case solution for small robots with rotation of 4 of +90º

Cover in 3 sections from base to axis 6

Simple solution with cover option in 3 sections: Socle, body and wrist

Solution with ring on axis 1 and elastic on axes 4 and 6

Cover in 3 sections: Socle, body and wrist

Sealed sheath solution with rotating ring in axes 1, 4 and 6

Cover in 3 sections: Socle, body and wrist

Sealed sheath solution with fixed ring on axis 1 and rotating ring on axes 4 and 6

Cover in 3 sections: Socle, body and wrist

Totally watertight + ventilated cover with combined double ring on axis 1 and rotating ring on axes 4 and 6

Cover in 3 sections: Socle, body and wrist

Covers For Collaborative Robots


Adaptation to current needs and constant improvement is one of our priorities. For this reason, BAMBU also offers all kinds of solutions for the protection of your collaborative robot. Customized and tailor-made covers are available for any model and for any application. The design of these covers, studied in detail and precisely, adapts perfectly to the ergonomics of the robot. 

Also with the possibility of placing rotating rings on axes 1 and 6 of the robot to achieve total sealing.  

aros robots
aros colaborativos
aros robot colaborativo




Tubular covers  

Tubular sheaths are also available to protect tubes or cables. Its design with longitudinal velcro makes it extremely pleasant to be able to assemble and disassemble the cover. Also the possibility of elastic closure on the ends for a better fixation. T



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